Racial Justice Training

Racial Justice 101 Training

This interactive 3-hour workshop is designed to give participants a basic understanding of:

  • Oppression as a system of power used to create hierarchy.
  • Race as a social construct created to justify oppression.
  • Racism as a system of oppression which produces vast disparities.
  • White Privilege as the advantages experienced by those who are white.
  • Racial Justice as the proactive approach to eliminating racism.


Racial Justice 102 Training

This interactive 3-hour workshop is designed to equip participants to be able to:

  • Identify and breakdown common racial stereotypes.
  • Understand cultural differences in communication styles.
  • Understand the appropriate language to use, avoid and why.
  • Gain practical strategies for responding to “OUCH!” moments.
  • Understand the policies and process for reporting discrimination and harassment.

Straight Talk on Race in the Workplace Training

This interactive 2-hour workshop is designed to equip participants to be able to:

  • Gain a basic understanding of prejudice, oppression and racism.
  • Understand the impact of racialized language in a work environment.
  • Understand the appropriate racial language to use, avoid and why.
  • Gain strategies for responding to racist “OUCH!” moments.



If you are interested in any of these training opportunities, or would like to discuss a specific racial justice training need for your organization, please contact Amanda Arbour, Racial Justice Program Coordinator, at AArbour@ywcahbg.org or (717) 234-7931 x3057.

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