#ShatteringStereotypes for Hispanic Heritage Month

During Hispanic Heritage Month this year, the YWCA is challenging the harmful stereotypes that Latinos/Hispanics encounter every day. We seek to create a community that recognizes and appreciates the richness that our Latino/Hispanic sisters and brothers bring to our region.

We have all heard the most common stereotypes about Latinos/Hispanics – whether it’s in the media, at the office or at a family gathering. These stereotypes reduce an incredibly diverse community of people to one-dimensional caricatures. The misinformation and false generalizations that feed them are at best the result of lack of education and exposure – and at worst, deliberate tactics to incite fear and place blame.

As an organization dedicated to eliminating racism, we are exposing these stereotypes for what they with facts and statistics – check those out here! We are also highlighting the stories, faces and voices of those who are impacted by them in our brand-new video in collaboration with the Latino Hispanic American Community Center - check that out here!

Our challenge to those who are not Latino/Hispanic is to be allies in the fight against oppression – to educate ourselves, challenge our own biases and stereotypes, and to stand up and speak out when Latinos/Hispanics are being targeted. Change starts with us, so join us as we seek to create equality and equity for ALL!

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